Casco heard that a bobcat was spotted in Falmouth. She's been on the lookout ever since. 

The Falmouth Police Department put this on their Facebook page last Thursday March 9th:

Awareness Caution: We have received a report in the area of Middle, Ledgewood, Pleasant Hill of a larger cat sighting last week(resembling a bobcat or lynx). Last evening a dog owner in this area heard their dog in a scuffle outside with what sounded like an animal. The dog has not been seen since. Most often incidents such as this involve smaller pets (cats) and can be attributed to Fox, Coyote or Fisher. Due to the sighting and missing small dog, we are making you aware and asking you to be cautious leaving pets outside unsupervised or unattended, especially after daylight hours. We can not confirm what happened to the dog as the owner did not see anything after hearing the scuffle. If anyone sees anything that could be related to this please call Falmouth PD 781-2300.



From what I've heard (scuttlebutt in the neighborhood) the dog was 40 pounds! Be on the lookout.

I haven't seen any animals with these cold temps, but I'm keeping Casco on a short leash for a while...

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