It could be the middle of July, and I'll still be a sucker for a good light show, especially if I don't have to get out of my car for it.

With the holidays quickly approaching (sorry, I said it), have you ever been to this mile-long light show out in Cumberland, Maine?

It's actually a part of the fairgrounds and quite popular.

According to the Cumberland Fair website, the events page lists the dates for this upcoming season: November 24, 2023, to January 2, 2024. This is what it showed.

November 24 is a Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

Now when you click on the link for more information, a different set of dates are listed, but my guess is it's so early as of the end of September, that page just hasn't been updated for the new season.

So definitely make sure to check back as the date gets closer.

All that said, the Celebration of Lights is sure to be another magical light show for 2023. And the unique part about it is the idea that you can load the whole family up in the car and witness the entire display without ever getting out of the vehicle.

I mean who wants to get out into the cold and walk around in the wintertime anyway?

The road at the fairgrounds gets completely transformed into a really pretty glimmering display of animated lights. Using over 1 million LED lights, the drive features a 300' light, 50' tall tunnel you can drive right through, the website states.

The best part?

They provide your favorite Christmas songs on a playlist you can get jamming to through your stereos right on your FM radio. When you arrive, they'll give you the rundown, and what channel to switch it to, and all the directions you'll need.

I went to this bad boy last year, and all I remember is the food truck set up at the entrance. You can ALSO drive up to the truck window and buy some hot coffee, apple cider, or my favorite, of course, fried dough for the ride.

If you have a car with a sunroof, bring that one so you can climb out the window and experience it from your rooftop hehe.

Is it Christmastime yet?

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