Back in 2007 a :55 second video of two brothers went viral. It was no big deal. A baby latches onto his brother's finger, and then laughs at him when he says it hurt.  Well, Charlie Davies-Carr is nine years old now and lives in England - his older brother Harry is 11. They don't get why people love it so much.

They just did an interview with the BBC, and said their dad only posted it on YouTube, because the file was too big to email people. Both kids think it's amazing and weird it's gotten so many hits! And look how grown up they look!

In eight years, it's picked up almost 818 MILLION views.  If you don't count music videos, it's the most popular viral video ever.  29 of the top 30 things on YouTube are music videos, and the "Charlie Bit Me" video is number 11.  "Gangnam Style" is number one with 2.3 billion views.  

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