If you go to Boston any time soon, you might notice that a familiar landmark has been altered. The statue of Christopher Columbus, the fabled hero who 'discovered' America, was decapitated the other night during a protest. In 2015 that very same statue was defaced with red paint saying "Black Lives Matter."

This is the second Christopher Columbus statue that has been destroyed as there was an incident that has in Richmond Virginia this past weekend, were an otherwise peaceful protest, ended with small groups of men in their 20's bringing the statue down.  

Over the centuries, since Mr. Columbus sailed the ocean blue, it has been debated if he should be labeled a hero at all, with points being made that discovered a place that had people there already or he got lost and ended up elsewhere. According to the History Channel, he and his men saw the natives as 'obstacles' and tried to enslave them; you know this piece of history was not going to go over well in this time and place. 

History Channel: Columbus the Slave Trader

Overseas in London, statues of Slave Traders are taken down during what is being called a worldwide 'Black Lives Matter' Movement. This video you see, Edward Colston, a man who profited off of selling people being kneeled upon and dropped in a river. These very same things are happening throughout Europe as well, not just The United States.

Black Lives Matter Portland Area Protest This Past Week

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