Seems like this year, Christmas music is more popular than ever.

Now that it's November, the requests for 949 HOM's Christmas music have been pouring in. Actually, some listeners started asking for it in mid-October!  Only Santa knows exactly what day we'll start playing continuous Christmas music on the station, but we do have something to get your Christmas music fix until then!

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This is NOT the big reveal of when we will start playing continuous Christmas music. As I said, Santa is not returning my calls (it's a wicked busy time for the jolly ol' fellow). But this is the next best thing until then.


With what Maine has gone through in the past couple of weeks, I can see why the requests for Christmas music are at an all-time high! People want to feel good, and Christmas music makes you feel good. It's a short window of time with all the frenzies the holidays bring. But it's also such a great time to get together with friends and family and just enjoy each other.

Photo by Laura Gomez on Unsplash
Photo by Laura Gomez on Unsplash

Hang in there, continuous Christmas music fans. It's loaded on the sleigh and Santa has promised to drop down and visit soon! In the meantime, don't forget to listen on the 94.9 HOM Christmas stream right now!

Continuous Christmas Music 24/7!

What song does it for you every year? Let us know, and maybe we can play a song just for you!

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