After complaints that no parking ban was called before last Tuesday's storm, the City of Portland has declared a parking ban ahead of the storm set to roll in Wednesday night.

A week ago, many Portland residents woke up to find their cars buried in snow from the plows clearing the streets. It took some people hours to dig out. That left many people wondering why a sparking ban wasn't called before the storm hit.

Speaking with News Center Maine, the director of Portland Public Works said with the timing of last week's storm, they would have had to call a parking ban two days in a row. One to clear the streets so that emergency vehicles could pass and again after the storm stopped to push the snowbanks back. They went with calling one ban the day after the storm ended.

A parking ban was issued for all of Portland just before 10AM today, a full 14 hours before the storm is expected to reach Portland around midnight and drop 3 to 5 inches of snow.

Whether this is a response to the criticism from residents or not, you've got your warning. Make sure you car is off the streets of Portland from 10PM Wednesday until 6AM Thursday. For a list of places where you can park your car, hit the link below.

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