Last year the Portland Sea Dogs had their most incredible intro of all time when they did their version of "Field of Dreams." It all started when they came from the outfield in a makeshift cornfield wearing old school uniforms, arguably the best entrance I've seen in Minor League or even Major League Baseball of all time.

This season the stadium is being used as a driving range because Minor League Baseball is canceled for the year. Hopefully, the Sea Dogs will be back in 2021, and we go back to the ball game singing our songs, eating our snacks, and enjoying the quirky gimmicks that they come up with each game to keep us laughing, smiling, and together enjoying baseball.

This year the Sea Dogs are still celebrating their 2020 undefeated season as they continue showing the best of memories of the past as well as previewing exciting things in the future in raising money for charity. What's your favorite Sea Dogs memory? Are you excited for next year's baseball season to begin?

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