One of Maine's most iconic restaurants will not be reopening its doors.

Hugo's via Instagram
Hugo's via Instagram

The longtime Portland fine dining establishment, Hugo's, announced its official closure on social media recently. After closing during the pandemic, the owners have decided not to reopen the renowned eatery. It officially marks the end of a 30+ year run of some of Portland's most distinguished food.

Hugo's originally opened in 1988 as bistro. It was named "Hugo" as a tribute to the original owner's son.

The restaurant truly became a national name when award-winning chef Rob Evans was running the kitchen in the 2000s. Rob would eventually sell it, but not before making it into one of the most respected establishments in the northeast.

Hugo's final iteration would begin in 2012, when acclaimed and award-winning restaurant group Big Tree Hospitality bought the restaurant. Big Tree, who already owned Eventide Oyster Bar on the same block (and Honey Paw, not long after acquiring Hugo's), decided it was time for Hugo's to get a facelift. The restaurant would be renovated and re-opened to much success.

Sadly, like many others, Hugo's tried to keep rolling during the pandemic, but ultimately shut down. There was hope that the establishment would reopen, but as more time passed, it seemed more and more likely that the end was near.

While it's sad to see it close, this restaurant left a lot of lasting memories for Portland's culinary scene. A lot can happen in 34 years, and a lot certainly did at Hugo's. Portland is unquestionably better for it.

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