NewsCenter Maine reported that Colby College has rented out rooms on the third floor of the Waterville Best Western.


They moved some students into the hotel as a precaution against the coronavirus. When NewsCenter first sent an alert about the story, they specified that they were Asian students. Can they do that? Is that true? There is no other mention of the nationality of the students who were moved.



NewsCenter Maine reached out Colby, but had not heard back by this report.

Colby did not reach out to the Maine Center for Disease Control before moving students to the hotel. They did contact the CDC, but only after they had moved the kids into the hotel. The CDC said that as of 5 p.m. Thursday, there were no confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Maine, and no one suspected of having it.

Currently, the US CDC says that there are 12 people in seven states have the coronavirus. Two planes, with around 350 people, are at military bases in California under quarantine after arriving from China. They will spend two weeks while monitoring for the potentially deadly new virus.

It's important to remember, the coronavirus is NOT in Maine.

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