America's Best Island Retreats

More accolades have hit the press for a few of Maine's most popular spots.

Popular lifestyle magazine Country Living released a list of very special destinations all across the United States. In honor of summertime, the periodical published its 30 Best Island Getaways, which includes two incredible islands right here in the Pine Tree State.

Maine's Best Island Retreats

Those two are Mount Desert Island in Hancock County, which came in at number 5, and Bailey Island in Cumberland County, which is listed at 24.

It's no surprise to see Mount Desert Island on the list. It's typically on every "Best of" list when Maine is mentioned. It's the home of Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor, Northeast Harbor, incredible lighthouses, and many other beautiful villages and attractions. It's also loaded with coastal galleries, gourmet restaurants, and some of the best ice cream you will find. The island is one of the state's number one tourist destinations, so again, not surprising to see it make the cut.

Bailey Island was a little more surprising. However, it certainly deserves its spot. Located all the way down Route 24 from Brunswick, Bailey Island is a gorgeous area in the northern regions of Casco Bay and closer to the southern part of the state. Fresh seafood, great coastlines, and tremendous hiking and camping are all at your fingertips.

These island are just two of the five that represent New England on Country Living's list. Massachusetts was also represented by two islands, Nantucket (2nd) and Martha's Vineyard (22nd). Rhode Island's Block Island came in at number 9.

Here is a look at the Top 5

1. Sanibel Island, FL
2. Nantucket, MA
3. Whidbey Island, WA
4. Wrightsville Beach, NC
5. Mount Desert Island, ME

Do you agree with this list? Does Maine deserve more recognition?

You can see the entire list here.

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