When a pandemic ruins your destination wedding - you use what ya got.


News Center Maine reported that Teresa and Bradley Gray from Northeast Harbor decided to still get married. Their destination wedding in Florida was not happening, so they got married at the Bar Harbor Bank and Trust in Northeast Harbor back on April 17th.

And of course, they used the drive-through - to be as safe as possible.


The bank manager performed the ceremony behind the glass.

The groom's dad, Scamp Gray told News Center Maine,

Trying to figure out a way to do it, do it responsibly, I think this was a good idea! Pretty unique.


A global pandemic can't stop love, but it certainly can stop your friends, family, neighbors and even relatives from other states celebrating in the traditional way. But if you are getting married by a bank manager, nothing is traditional. Everyone was there whether it was via Zoom, in their cars or at six feet away.

The newlyweds have advice for those who have had their wedding plans disrupted. Just do it! Keep your date and just do it! It definitely will be a wedding you'll never forget.

Have you had to move, postpone or completely change your wedding plans?



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