This couple got very bold over two days by walking out of Kohl's in Westbrook with over $1000 of merchandise that they didn't pay for. Now the Westbook Police Department is looking for any information you might have on them.

According to police, the couple were in the Westbrook Kohl's on May 21 and June 1. Between the two days they shoplifted about $1000 worth of stuff. I guess after a week they said "Hey, we didn't get caught! Let's do it again."

Well sure, you think you might have gotten away with it, but you have heard of security cameras, no?

I addition to some photos of the suspect, the footage from the camera shows a white van outside of the store pulling away that they used to get away with their stolen stash.

The pictures are a little grainy, but someone might recognize these two. If you do, then Officer Jacqueline Lorenzen would love to speak with you at 207-854-0644 x2512 or you can send her an email at with any information that can help police find these two.

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