Back in April, it was announced that Amazon returns could be brought into Kohl's, however, this service was only available in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Milwaukee.

Now the service has opened up to Kohl's locations nationwide! Kohl's will pack and return your items for free!

Maine has 5 Kohl's locations; Auburn, Augusta, Bangor, Biddeford, and Westbrook.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here's how you do it according to the Kohl's website:

  1. Begin the return process on Amazon's website via their Online Return Center
  2. Find and select your preferred Kohl's location
  3. Receive a QR code via your email
  4. Bring the item into the Kohl's you selected in step #2 and have your QR code up and ready on your smartphone
  5. Voila! Kohl's will take the item from there!

I don't know how many times I've ordered something, didn't like it, or the item didn't fit, but I didn't want to deal with the hassle of returning it, so I kept it. This new Amazon partnership with Kohl's offers a whole new level of confidence when purchasing from the retail giant!

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