K9 Cal was doing some drug sniffing training with the Westbrook Police Department and someone happened to be pointing a camera at Cal and K9 Officer Jeremy Smith to catch Cal doing a bit of a celebration.

A video posted on the Westbrook Police Department's Facebook page shows Officer Smith standing in a hallway and you are just able to see him through the door. He's holding what looks like a ball on a string. Cal had just found drugs used for training and the ball is his reward.

Cal was certainly excited for a job well done and that ball. In what seems like the blink of an eye, Cal comes bounding up into the air, nearly going vertical, and grabs the ball as such a speed that it pulls Officer Smith with him. As the post says, "Ofc. Smith's right arm is still attached."

Just another day around the office of the Westbrook Police Department and another day of work and play for Cal.

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