It's sad that this is something that even has to be addressed because it's just common sense. A crash on William Clarke Drive in Westbrook occurred when a driver ran a red light. And yes, we're calling it a crash not an accident, because it's a rare occurrence when someone runs a red light by accident.

The Westbrook Police department posted photos of the wreck on their Facebook page as a reminder to not run red lights. You can see a wheel pointing the wrong way and airbags deployed after the driver of the car ran the light at William Clarke Drive and Stroudwater Street. Luckily everyone is okay, but this could have all been prevented.

It's simple people. If they light is red, it means stop. Do it! And if they light is yellow, don't speed up to try and get through the intersection before it changes. It's a race that if you lose could result in a you killing others or yourself.

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