To The Driver Who Almost T-Boned Me on Forest Avenue This Morning:

Our most recent snowfall wasn't large, but it was enough to make the morning commute hazardous if drivers weren't careful. You probably were one of those drivers who wasn't being careful.

The snow was still coming down as I drove my usual route down Forest Avenue into downtown Portland at about 4:30 a.m. With snowplows doing their best to keep up, it was still difficult to stop in some places. If you hit the brakes, you would likely slide a bit, which I did, but managed to keep it under control. I thought that would be the worst of my drive to work. Then you came along.

As I approached Morril's Corner in Portland, I noticed the traffic light was out. Some of the heavy, wet snow must have taken down a power line nearby. Not a problem. I knew what to do.

Then I approached the intersection of Forest Avenue, Stephens Avenue, and Bishop Street, and saw that the light there was out too. So I stopped as if it was a four-way stop. That's the rule. You, however, did not stop, and came flying off Stevens Avenue and hit the brakes to avoid slamming into me. Luckily you missed, and I kept on my way.

Google Maps
Google Maps

One of two things must have been the cause of that near accident. Either the snow made it difficult for you to stop, or you don't know that when traffic lights aren't in operation, you can't just drive through them like it's a green light. You treat it like a four-way stop.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you were slipping in the snow. At least I hope that was the case. I'm glad you and I are both okay and didn't end up in something more serious.

TC from the Bangor Police Department makes the rule for when a traffic light is out very simple with his humor.

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