Lately, Kohl's in Maine seem to be the target of a lot shoplifters. The Kohl's in Westbrook was targeted by a couple twice over the past few weeks and now the Auburn Kohl's capture security footage a man stealing a Shark vacuum cleaner.

Is it just us, or does he look like he's wearing a disguise? A black Texaco Havoline hat and what looks like bushy eyebrows and goatee. Maybe it's his natural look?

Anyway, Auburn Police are looking for any information you might have on this guy, but Facebook comments have of course brought out the jokes:

  • “That guy sucks”
  • "Hopefully he vacuumed his house before the police show up!!"
  • "Gotcha SUCKER "


Jessica Bien-Aime said commented with pretty much what we've all been thinking with all these shoplifting survellance photos we've been seeing police post lately.

"How did he think he would get away with it?!"

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