Dave Gutter and Count Von Count of Sesame Street were guests at a taping of the locally produced The Nite Show with Danny Cashman this week. Magic happened backstage between tapings when they got together to sing "Check" with Count of course...counting. 



The Nite Show with Danny Cashman is a late night talk show produced in Bangor and seen in our area on Fox 23 Saturday nights at 10:30. He's had guests like former MTV Veejay Nina Blackwood, Marc Summers of Double Dare and The Food Network a ton of local news people like Jackie Ward and Amanda Hill of WCSH, and he's even had some guy named Jeff from The Q Morning Show....twice.


Whittling Fog Photography
Whittling Fog Photography

I asked Danny how he managed to get Count von Count on the show and he told me that he sent the invitation over a year ago and the Count finally found the time to take the trip to Maine for the show.

You can catch Dave Gutter of Rustic Overtones on The Nite Show with Danny Cashman Saturday November 8th at 10:30PM on Fox 23. The episode with Count von Count will air the following week on the 15th.

Two! Two great guests on The Nite Show! (insert thunder clap)  ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!




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