Dear Seniors,

I'm sure many of you are looking ahead to college. That's awesome! Congratulations! It's such an exciting time. I remember graduating and having my heart set on a local University to study communications. For a mess of reasons you definitely don't care about. I decided to wait a year.

During that year I worked and got a better understanding of money and I realized, "There's no way I can afford this."

Overworked man lying on laptop

So I did quick research (quick, because I immediately fell in love with the campus) and decided to enroll in Southern Maine Community College instead to save some bucks.

I worked and went to school, trying to get through with as minimal debt as possible. And if you're smart, you will too. Those loans are no joke.

That's why I'm SO EXCITED for YOU. You have this incredible opportunity to take FREE online college courses this summer thanks to Maine's Community College System. Most of them you'll be required to take anyway, regardless of your major.

Here are the classes according to WABI:

Digital Photography
Introduction to Business
Introduction to Psychology
US History 1877 to Present
Public Speaking
Creative Writing
Intro to Environmental Science
Intro to Algebra
Calculus 1
Marine Biology

Hey, I know it's summer but what better summer to stay home and study than a summer where there's a pandemic and it's FREE?!

Success. Education. Technology. Home. Girl in casual clothes and eyeglasses is screaming with happiness and raising her hands up while studying with a laptop at home

And listen, I know there are still some out there who look at community college and think it's of a lesser quality than a regular univesity/4-year college.

Here's a true story that I share with every senior I meet. While at SMCC I took Intro to Adobe Flash. My instructor was very knowledgeable. In fact, he taught the same exact class at a private college nearby. The difference? I paid SIGNIFICANTLY less for the exact same education. So don't for a second listen to the naysayers.

I write to you in hopes that you see this amazing opportunity in front of you and that you take advantage of it. It's a win/win/win. You get a head start, you save some money, and you have a purpose this summer despite the pandemic cancelling plans and perhaps getting in the way of your summer job.

You can get all the details on "Class Gift 2020" here. Congratulations everyone! And happy studying.


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