'Despicable 3' is out and it will be huge. Movie Mom says that you can't go wrong with Gru. 


Movie Mom says that the new Despicable 3 movie is a lot of movies in one and feels a tad overstuffed for only 90 minutes - but still. It's Gru, the adorable kids, Minions and a new bad guy who is a bitter child actor from the 80's voiced by Trey Parker from 'South Park'.


The the best action movie of the year is 'Baby Driver'.  The film follows Baby, a young getaway driver who is reluctantly coerced to work for a veteran kingpin in exchange for the start of a better life. Movie Mom says to strap in, because it is non stop. The music is all over the place and important to the movie, because Baby has earbuds in the entire movie and we listen to what he listens to.


Movie Mom says that it's violent and great. Awesome performances from Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx and John Hamm in a role that is very different for him.

It's THE action movie of the summer.

Oh,'The House' with Amy Poehler and Will Farrell didn't screen for critics. Sooooo, that is NEVER a good sign.

The movies out are so good, Movie Mom didn't even mention what was out on DVD, but it's 'Power Rangers' and 'Chips'. Ahhhh, now I see why.




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