I haven’t been in years but I used to go all the time as a little kid with my brother.

Growing up in North Yarmouth, Portland always felt like a faraway land, and trips into the city used to be one of the most exciting days. We’d get all our errands done in one day while we were in the area, which always made it a fun adventure.

My mom was always good about keeping us entertained and making sure at least one stop was for us kids.

Our favorite place to go was Don’s Baseball Card Center.

Don’s Baseball Card Center in Portland, Maine

One of the simplest forms of entertainment and happiness as a kid was having a binder with clear card sheets to fill up with Pokemon or sports cards, whatever cards you wanted to collect or trade with friends.

I was fortunate to live in a house where my mom ran a daycare, so cards were a huge part of our life growing up and Don’s was always the place to go.

Located on Brighton Avenue in Portland, Don’s is an old shop that has been around for years. I actually don’t know how long it’s been open and can’t seem to find out.

Do you know how long Don’s card shop has been open in Portland?

My grandmother used to bring my brother for his birthday every year and I would tag along. I always loved the $1.00 brown paper bags with mystery cards inside; you never knew what cards you were going to get and we were giddy when we got home and got to look through them.

Don’s was one of the simple pleasures that brought us so much joy growing up and was there for everyone, even those who didn’t have a lot of money for toys or special things. The shop has an incredible selection for cheap prices and just the smell of the store will make you feel nostalgic.

Every time I drive by I smile and can’t believe it’s still open!

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