The first blanket with sleeves, the Slanket, was thanks to one of those subzero nights we get in Maine.

It was back in 1998 during Gary's first semester of college that he could not get warm. You know those nights. He was watching Late Night with Conan O'Brien and was so cold he tore a hole in his sleeping bag so he could keep his upper body warm while he channel surfed during the commercial breaks. Boom. The Slanket was born. During Christmas vacation he had his mom make what would be the very first Slanket. This is Gary.

Here's the best part about Gary and everyone involved with the Slanket. He's not out to be a billionaire. He says on the website,

...our life goals are not to accumulate mansions, SUV's, expensive watches and closets just for shoes. What we want in life is to travel the world and experience all its cultures while representing humanity positively.

I hope Gary doesn't mind, that with that attitude, it made me want to buy a gazillion Slankets. But I did just purchase one for my Uncle Nicky for his 81st birthday. What better way to celebrate turning another year older than all wrapped up in cozy comfort? This is Uncle Nicky displaying his new Slanket.


Thanks to Gary and everyone at Slanket, my uncle is toasty warm. Of course, his birthday is in July, so he's already hot as hell - but he's got something to look forward to on those chilly nights. Plus, I figured since he is of an advanced age, that air conditioning must be cranked!

Get YOUR own Maine Slanket, because before you know it, you'll move from complaining about how high your electric bill is cuz the AC's been on 24/7 - to how much oil is.

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