Today, Maine's state flag is one of those run-of-the-mill state seals plastered on a blue field. But it wasn't always that way - before 1909, our beloved Pine Tree State had adopted a very original design depicting a single pine tree and a blue star on an off-white background. Who wouldn't prefer that unique design for our one-of-a-kind state?!

Well, according to Bangor Daily News, the cool flag is back in town! Thanks to Bethany Field of Maine Flag Company, Maine-lovers can order handmade versions of the original flag to present with pride. Bethany and her husband started the company roughly five years ago when they discovered and loved the original design and couldn't find it for sale anywhere.

This original flag is better for so many reasons. It's more unique than the current flag, which from a distance could be confused with 25 other US state flags. It's meaningful, sporting a majestic pine tree and star, and it's so simple and straightforward, anyone could draw it. If you're a crafter, you might even be able to sew it yourself. Which could come in handy, given that orders are picking up for Maine Flag Company as these flags gain popularity. Keep an eye out for this retro reference to our state's roots!

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