There's no shortage of ponds, streams, rivers and lakes in Maine. Perfect to jump in on a hot summer day, or maybe your dog gets thirsty along a walk and goes to a body of water for a drink.

But if there is blue-green algae present in that water, it can be toxic to your dog!


According to Dr. Jesse Lepak, Ecosystem Health Specialist with New York Sea Grant, Some algal blooms can produce toxins that affect the liver, nervous system and the skin of pets. The most severe reactions comes from drinking contaminated water. The effects are almost immediate and  include drooling, tremors and seizures. These toxins can also destroy the liver. If your dog drinks water where blue green algae is present and starts showing any of these signs, they need to get to a vet immediately. Make sure to wash your dog if it's been swimming in contaminated water so it won't ingest the toxins by licking the fur.

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