I missed the news about Bic's pens 'For Her'! How gross! I've been using man-pens!

Yup. Sometimes the brains that come up with new products nail it on the head. Like Smucker's Goober. It's peanut butter AND jelly in the same jar! Brilliant! But sometimes...well. Let me introduce you to Bic...For Her!


In the description on Amazon:

  • Elegant design - just for her!
  • Thin barrel to fit a woman's hand
  • Medium 1.0 mm point, Black ink
  • Medium 1.0 mm point
  • Black ink

Well...at least it's black ink.

When these came out 3 years ago (where the hell was I? I love pens!) they were LAMBASTED! Please sit back and laugh your ass off at these Amazon reviews and my favorite - Ellen's take on pens just for her!


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