I have moved six times in the past decade, and in every city, there was always a grocery store with fabulous prices and an efficient system for finding the items you need.

There is just one problem; they all seem to suffer from cart theft.

Yes, as you can tell by the photo,'Grand Theft Shopping Cart' is an actual thing.

Upon moving to Portland, I was stunned to see the all too familiar sign outside of another grocery store: "removal of shopping carts is prohibited by law."

We live in Portland, Maine, with one of America's lowest crime rates, and this is even an issue here?

As the wise philosopher, Aubrey 'Drake' Graham," once said, "I'm upset."

Can I please go to the supermarket and expect to have a cart when I need it? Should I fear that when walking to place my purchased home goods in the hatch, I will be jacked for my cart, leaving me in the parking lot with my bag of groceries?

What or who have we as Americans turned into?

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