Parents have been wondering whether the missed school days due to the wind storm will count as snow days. The Governor called a state of emergency, do we still need to make up those days? I found the answer on the Maine Department of Education website:

"PRIORITY NOTICE: Protocol for school cancellations due to recent storm

School Administrative Units (SAU) that canceled school days due to circumstances surrounding the recent storm should treat those cancelations the same as any other weather related school cancelation.

The state of emergency issued by the State of Maine was expressly to provide utility work crews relief from federal highway regulations in order to restore power to those who have been impacted – it does not result in an automatic excusal of missed school days.

As part of the standard procedure for meeting requirements for instructional days, written requests for waivers for storm days may be submitted by the district school board in the Spring when districts have a better sense of storm days used."

So, yes, those were snow days. Schools have to get their 175 instructional days in, no matter what. Districts will reassess the situation in the spring.



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