Fresh off a four-year winter, it can be difficult to imagine what hot weather feels like or recall the summery errands we have to run every year to prepare for living in heat.

Don't despair; I've made a list. Do these 5 things to ensure you're not caught off guard with next week's surprise summer.

1) Buy Sunscreen

You either have four different half-filled bottles or you have none. Make sure you dig it out of the back of the closet or buy a fresh bottle before you're caught red-handed (and -faced and -armed- and -shouldered, etc.) when the sun comes out.

2) Buy Aloe

Let's be honest; even if you slather your entire body up with sunscreen, you're gonna miss a spot, fail to reapply, or your white-walker skin is gonna suck up the rays even through your SPF 80. Prep for the worst; buy that sticky green stuff.

3) Cancel Your Netflix Subscription

Okay, this is ridiculous and rash. No one is canceling anything. Let's instead use this as a metaphor for breaking habits of indoor lounging to packing up your sunnies and a book to get outside. Remember parks? Remember beaches? The snow is gone, the sun is coming, and we need to recall what it's like to read on a blanket instead of watching on a couch.

4) Shave Your Legs

This is not exclusively for women; if you've been living in the same Maine winter I have this year, your leg hair has used the endless nor'easters as an opportunity to grow extra gorilla-thick. Even the men among us could use a thinning trim. I think I'll have to break out the weed whacker before I even consider the dainty razor.

5) Go To The Grocery Store

Mini-list time: beer, white wine, chips, salsa, cheese, crackers, celery, peanut butter. Two words: summer snacks. No blanket in the park is complete without some summery eats along for the ride. For added measure, break out the pick-a-nick basket and pack yourself up an afternoon.

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