Greeting card companies really have all the bases covered when it comes to Mother's Day. Cards from children, grandchildren, friends, husbands, partners. There's one for everyone who wants to say Happy Mother's Day to someone. Even dogs.

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Townsquare Media

That's right. An entire section of Mother's Day cards from your dog.

This is going to get uber dog lovers all worked up (Kylie), but I'm sorry. I think this is dumb. A dog has no concept of a greeting card or the meaning behind one. A dog has no has no idea that it's Mother's Day or even what day of the week it is.

I know. I've heard it before. "My dog is my child." Great. It's still a dog and dog's aren't humans. If it makes you feel better to have someone buy you a card with a message "from your dog," go for it. Your dog will be none the wiser. If you buy it for yourself from your dog, then I have no words.

Am I writing this to poke the tiger? (Kylie and a little bit Lori) Yes. I seriously don't care that these cards exist. I just find it amusing that they NEED to exist.

Carry on. Happy Mother's Day.

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