Unless you live under a rock listening to nothing but classic rock all day, you will have heard Ariana Grande's newest song "Thank U, Next" by now. It came out a few months ago, following her infamous breakup with months-long fiancé Pete Davidson of SNL and somewhat cryptically chronicles her biggest relationships.

In the lyrics, Ariana cites the lessons she learned from each ex - one taught her love, one taught her patience, and one taught her pain (without detailing which person taught her which lesson). You can listen to the song below if you aren't familiar with it already.

Here at the Q, we play top hits and end up hearing the same songs often as a result. We've come to discover a lot of misheard lyrics in popular songs (did you know the robotic woman's voice in Thunder by Imagine Dragons sounds just like she's saying "fun dip".... listen with that in mind and you'll never unhear it) and in this new song, we've got a good one.

As Ariana fades out at the end of the song, singing "thank you, next" over and over, it sounds just like she's saying "steak and eggs". Listeners have also told us they also hear "bacon eggs". Whichever you hear when you listen for it, you'll question whether Ari's talking about her exes or her breakfast plate.

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