You may be in Maine right now because you've lived here all your life, or perhaps work brought you here. You also might have come here just because you knew you would love it. Since to moment I set foot in Maine, I knew it was the place for me. The trees, the salty air, the four distinct seasons and the wealth of outdoor activities to engage in - I love it all immensely and now that I'm here I can't imagine leaving.

No matter the reason you live in Maine, you may belong here more than anywhere else - or not! Have you ever considered where else in the country you might belong? The website HowStuffWorks created a quiz to determine what state you *really* belong in. If you're considering a move, you can find out where to go below!

Be forewarned: the results of this quiz may be completely bogus... it said I belonged in New Jersey. But who doesn't love a stupid quiz?! They're irresistible!

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