This photo was recently shared on Facebook that was taken somewhere in Maine in 1968. Do you know where it is?

Here are a few hints:

  • None of what you see is still standing today, but the intersection it still there.
  • The location is somewhere in Cumberland County
  • The intersection is a lot busier today than it was in 1968
  • A drug store stands where the Chevron gas station is seen
  • The Dairy Queen is gone, but only because it moved in 1988

Did you figure it out?

If you said this is the intersection of Roosevelt Trail (Rt 302) and Tandberg trail (Rt 115), then you win nothing but the pride you'll feel in your knowledge of Maine history.

The area where the gas station and trees are is where Walgreens is today.

Google Maps

And where the Dairy Queen is, is now just a parking lot for Cross Insurance.

Google Maps

The Windham Dairy Queen posted the photo on their Facebook page to show where they used to be. The current owners bought the Windham Diary Queen in 1977 and moved up 300 feet up the road to their current building in 1988.

It's a cool aerial shot taken from a plane or helicopter 52 years ago. Something we can  easily see today with drones of even satellite views on Google Maps.


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