This photo was taken on Route 26 in Oxford and for some, there's something very wrong with it.

Molly Nelson posted the photo to her Facebook page because she didn't understand why signs like this still exist. She asked the question:

It's 2017, can we please be rid of these signs by now?? For a real plot twist it appeared that one of the "men working" was a woman.

She brings up a good point. 'Men Working' may have been legitimately true more than 40 years ago when it was rare to find a woman as part of a road or utility crew, but today you almost always find at least one woman on the job.

Molly Nelson
Molly Nelson

Some say that 'men' is used as a generic term in this case, but it makes you wonder if they would feel the same if the sign read "Women Working."

Do you think signs like these should be replaced with a generic term instead? Even something as simple as "Work Crew" would get the message across without being gender specific. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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