Dakota will be euthanized unless the order is stopped and the case is taken to the Maine Supreme Court. It's a complicated story with lots of emotion...

It all starts last May (2016) when Dakota got into a neighbors yard attacking a small dog Zoey. Zoey died. The DA Maeghan Maloney filed a civil case against Matthew Perry, Dakota's owner.

A judge declared Dakota dangerous and required Perry to keep her in a secure place 'designed to prevent the animal from escaping from the enclosure'.

But Dakota did escape again in February and went back into the neighbors yard, attacking their new dog, a pug named Bruce Wayne.

This is disputed by Dakota's owner Matthew Perry as the pug was not injured.

A judge then ordered Dakota to be euthanized in March. Here's where it gets wild...


The Humane Society reached out to Maine Governor Paul LePage who in turn, granted a 'full and free pardon' to Dakota.

One tiny problem...he can't do that.

Now a judge on April 11th has upheld the order to put her down. Dakota now has less than 48 hours to live. The only hope is that this will make it to the Maine Supreme court...

Here's my big question...why isn't the OWNER Matthew Perry facing charges and fines? Why punish the dog who is only the sum of his training and environment? What good can come of killing this dog? Why not relocate him to a place with an enclosure he cannot escape?

If Dakota had killed Casco (my beloved dog) I would be devastated...but killing Dakota wouldn't change that. Trust me, I'd go after that owner with all my might.

Do you think Dakota should die?

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