Development of Portland has skyrocketed in the past decade. As more and more people come to live and work in Portland the face of the city is changing. Some thing it's a good thing, others think its causing gentrification and forcing those who have lived here all their live out.

A trailer for a documentary titled "Portland, City at a Crossroads" explores how Portland is rapidly changing. The trailer however is three years old and it appears an effort to raise money to fund it failed, so we may never seen the finished project planned by Reginald Groff.

The five minute trailer however is an eye opener to just how quickly Portland is changing and explores whether that is a good or a bad thing by speaking to people who have opposing views on Portland's transformation.

Some feel that the change is necessary for Portland to stay economically viable in the 21st century while other feel Portland is no longer affordable as a place to live for people who have been here all their lives. Luxury condos, hotels and tall office buildings are going up all over the city and the cost of housing continues to go up.


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