Jose from Wisconsin lost the dog that helped him through some of the worst times of his life. Miraculously, they were recently reunited. 

This guy hit rock bottom a couple of years ago...divorced, homeless and that's when he decided to get 'Chaos' - his puppy. It changed his life.

At one point, Jose needed some help and asked a friend to watch Chaos, so he could try and find a place to live. When he asked for the dog back, the friend refused.

He thought he would never see Chaos (the dog) again...

Then he gets a call two years later from a Winnebago County Services employee who just happened to find a stray dog in her driveway...with a microchip. They were able to find Jose and reunite them. Watch as Chaos slowly recognizes his human...


Two things: I love dogs.Get a microchip!

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