Donna Harris from the Phoenix Karate Academy, is going for a world record in planking for a great cause!


Have you ever planked? It looks super easy, and it's incredibly hard.

Sosai Donna Harris* of Phoenix Karate, wants to set a Guinness World Record for the longest abdominal plank for 18 minutes with 60 lbs on her back!

What's that like? Try out the 60 lb pack and participate in a 60 second challenge to win prizes! This is coming up in August and it's all for a great cause! Donna wants to establish the non-profit KICKS - Kids In Control Keep Safe. It will provide funding for Maine kids for after school activities

It's at Pedro O'Hara's Saturday, August 18th at 2pm. Great drinks, great fun and a great cause! Pedro's has a great line up of activities and entertainment! This is on the first day of the Great Falls Balloon Festival!

This was back in March. She has updated her training...

I just checked out the venue last night! Excited that there are 2 Guinness Mirrors on the wall in the room I will be planking in! Definitely a sign! Recently discovered that my original weight pack won’t work as it puts a strain on my lower back so I’m making a new weight pack that will keep the weight on my upper back. I’m am currently training daily with a min of 45 lbs in 3 min sets 12 times each morning between weight lifting sets. If someone is there to assist I Plank with 75 lbs!

Donna Harris

This woman is incredible and if ANYONE can break this world record...SHE CAN! Hey...she's not superwoman...ya do get to lay down...

Donna Harris



*Donna Harris taught me how to break a board. It was pretty thrilling and cool. If anyone can break a planking world record, Donna can!