Service animals have been allowed on airplanes for decades, and even emotional support animals have been included in that allowance for years. You've probably seen a poodle mix and a cat or two on your flight every now and then. Now, don't be surprised if you come across a miniature horse while you're boarding.

According to CBS Boston, The U.S. Department of Transportation recently announced that miniature horses will be included in the list of animals that should almost ALWAYS be allowed, following debate surrounding some more exotic pets that were getting in under the guise of being an emotional support animal. Just last year, Southwest Airlines banned "exotic" emotional support animals, as shown below. That includes your aardvark, Karen. Don't even try to get that peacock in, Branden.

Now, miniature horse owners using their companion as a service animal no longer have to fear their animal being turned away because of their borderline exotic nature. All mini horses allowed? Now, ponies? Those might be another issue.

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