It's not good for you and there have been reports of people actually passing out from drinking cold water when they are super hot!


The website NDTV Food gives 5 reasons why you shouldn't drink cold water. One of those reasons is that if you are heated, and you drink cold water, it could send your body into shock.


There is an example (and yes, it's extreme but so is the heat on Saturday) of a person working in super hot conditions downing super cold water. Then not feeling all that good, with tingly hands and feet.

Then down they went. Out like a light. It apparently can send you into shock, and yup - out you'll go. They recommend room temperature water for all sorts of reasons to help your digestion and be easier on your stomach.

But when you are hot, room temperature is not what you are looking for. If you are hot, instead place a cold bottle of water on your wrists or run them under cold water for 30 seconds. This lowers the temperature of the blood in your arms which will recirculate into your big bloodstream and actually cool your body down for up to an hour.

Be smart, stay hydrated and stay cool...just don't pass out doing it!


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