I've been working out the past few months with my best bud cohost, Lori, and our personal trainer, Mark:

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The past couple workouts, Lori hasn't been able to join me because she recently had surgery on her shoulder and is waiting for it to heal. It may surprise you to find out she's the talkative one (aka the queen of stalling) so when she's not there I have much less down time and focus on working out as hard as I can. This time, that resulted in getting pretty fatigued and feeling lightheaded after a few reps in a row. Finally, when the blood drained from my face and my ears felt like they were gonna pop, I told our instructor Mark that I needed to sit down. He grabbed me my water and asked when I last ate. I realized at that point that I hadn't had breakfast and hadn't even eaten dinner the night before because I'd made a big lunch.

We had Mark call in to the show to share his side of the story:

Luckily, Mark knows how to find the humor in every situation, as do I. I also know now how important it is to prioritize making it to the grocery store to restock my granola bar collection.

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