I'm gonna be honest with you, farting is funny. It just is. It's real, and it's a natural part of being a human, HAHA. When we ignore the fact that we all fart, it's weird to me. When people open up and have no filter about farting, it's the funniest thing ever. The joy that the world needs more of.

In the gym the other day, this really sexy man working out next to me on the squat rack pulled a little stunt I don't think he knows that I know about. You know when you have your headphones in while you're working out and you forget that other people can still hear what's going on around you, even though you can't?

Well, sexy muscle man was squatting about 300 pounds and accidentally let a loud toot out, and I just so happened to catch it. Typically, people ignore this and move on, but of course, I can't ignore toots. They're hilarious. I truthfully don't even know if this man knows he even tooted, and here I am blogging about it, because on the show this morning, our Q listeners really related to it.

Do you remember the viral note of the man who was trying to find the lady who tooted in the bread isle in the grocery store? I think thats where I'm heading with this. As I'm writing the story, I'm wondering, should I just see if this post goes around enough where the muscle toot man will find it and reach out to me?

How hilarious would it be if we could share, tag, or send this article to enough people that it reaches the farting man? Iconic.

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