It seems like the prevalence of phone scams in the area comes and goes in waves. Now there's one that's been reported quite a bit as of late that you should know about.

According to WMTW, Augusta police are warning Mainers about scammers who are calling people in the area, posing as members of the Augusta Police Department. They are even going so far as to use the names of officers who actually work there, in their efforts to get people to give them money.

The real Augusta Police are saying that they would never solicit money from people over the phone, nor would they ever call someone to tell them they have to pay money for something.

Most people are savvy enough to know a phone scammer when they hear one. But there are some people that are more susceptible to being scammed, including the elderly. So even if you don't feel like you would ever fall victim to one of these, be sure to share this story with someone you think might.

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