Want to see the Northern Lights this weekend?

According to WGME, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration states that  geomagnetic storm activity is what's making it possible for us Mainers to see the aurora borealis in parts of Maine on Saturday and Sunday.

News Center Maine reported that the lights might be seen in central Maine and northern Maine.

However, it needs to be clear in order to see, so let's hope the clouds stay out of the way!

As for what time? There's no exact timeframe for seeing the Northern Lights, but WMTW states that they "should be visible in parts of Maine Saturday night into Sunday morning."

If you didn't know, the aurora borealis is a "luminous and sometimes colorful display seen in the night sky," according to Time Magazine, and it involves some of the sun's charged particles interacting with gas in the Earth's atmosphere.

Time states that usually you can only see it in places like Alaska, Scandinavia and Iceland. But it looks like Maine is making an exception this time.

So if you're out and about later Saturday night or early Sunday morning, you'll definitely want to look up. You might just see something pretty awesome.

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