I drive by the Circle K on Commercial Street in Portland every day, and it seems that just less than two weeks ago this sign read $1.99. What's going on? 

Sure enough, gas prices are going up after a major drop that began around Thanksgiving. The average price of gas in Maine according to gasbuddy.com is $2.22 per gallon. The national average is at $2.19 per gallon.

I'm not complaing....yet. $2.22 is still way cheaper that the average $3.46 in Maine a year ago. I just wonder how far back up we'll go.

Gas Buddy reports that we've seen the biggest weekly rise since 2013. Oil prices have finally rebounded and refineries are about to go into maintenance periods to prepare for the summer driving season. They say prices should slowly rise over the next three months, but don't expect a big jump like we saw recently.

Let's hope not. I've been enjoying filing my tank for less than $30 lately and I'd like to keep it that way.

What's the price of gas where you are and how much have you noticed it change in the past few weeks? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.


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