Gas prices

Gas Prices On The Rise In Maine And New England
But the sure signs of Spring are already here, construction has begun on just about every street in Portland, ice cream shops are shaking off the cobwebs of the off season and have opened, and gas prices here in Maine have started to creep back up
Christmas at the Pump!
Gas prices continue to plummet across the country and they recently dropped below $3 per gallon for the first time in Maine in almost four years. If you're like me you keep wondering where it will end. Could we actually go below $2 per gallon? Experts say it could happen in some places.
Good News: Gas Prices are Falling and Here’s Why
I was certainly not complaining when I filled by tank yesterday for $3.12 at the Cumberland Farms in Norway. That's with a 10 cent discount that they offer with membership, but it's still a significant drop in recent weeks. It got me wondering why there's a sudden drop in gas prices w…
How High Will They Go?
When we last looked at soaring gas prices around Memorial Day Weekend, they were a whopping $3.64 per gallon of regular unleaded gasoline. Now the average price of gas in Maine is $3.74, according to WMTW.
The Portland television news station reported Monday that gas prices in Maine have increased by…
How Will You Cope?
Memorial Day Weekend! It's finally here and Mainers will no doubt be hitting the roadways to get to their favorite lakes, mountains and beaches, but how far are they willing to go?