The Local Scoop

The Local Scoop is one of the newest ice cream shops in the state and they're already making a huge name for themselves with their creative cones. They are conveniently located in beautiful Hallowell at 176 Water Street.

Their latest creation will have you screaming, "JINKIES!"

The Mystery Machine

This isn't your average Scooby-Snack. The Mystery Machine is this week's special so you'll want to grab your "meddling kids" and pile into your Mystery Machine and make the trip to Hallowell ASAP to get your hands on one of these cones before they disappear.

The Mystery Machine is truly a unique concoction. The ice cream is Gifford's new Scoop-a-Snack. According to Gifford's website, Scoop-a-Snack fulfills all of your sweet and salty needs with a chocolate malt ice cream with pretzel ripple, and a rainbow of mini candy-coated chocolate chips. The Local Scoop pops the ice cream into a dipped homemade waffle cone and then tops the creation with Scooby Snacks, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, M&Ms, popcorn, Reese's Pieces, and a green marshmallow sauce. One bite and you'll be saying, "ZOINKS!"

Find Online

Keep up on what the next creations will be by following on Instagram here or on Facebook here.

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