The Climate Prediction Center says that we are looking at a warmer than average fall.

WGME 13 Meteorologist Dustin Bonk tweeted that Portland had the hottest summer on record, and it will stretch into fall.

This is the meteorological fall, which runs September 1 through November 31. Yes, the actual start of fall is on September 22. The Climate Prediction Center is part of the National Weather Service that specializes in long-term forecasts.

This warming trend isn't just Maine, it's for the whole country too. The warmer fall could push back the first frost.

The earliest average first frost for the mountains is early to mid-September. In the Portland area it's about a month later, usually early to mid-October.

CPC is also tracking La Nina, that's the cooling of equatorial waters in the Pacific Ocean, the complete opposite of El Nino. La Nina can kick up hurricanes in the Atlantic this time of year. It can also make for snowier winters in Portland. The Farmer's Almanac also says we could be looking at more snow this year.

It's 2020...nothing would surprise us.

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