I've researched the same question thousands of times to find out if any New England cities have ever been used as a set for Christmas movies on Hallmark, the reason being that the area basically transforms itself into the perfect holiday setting without even realizing it.

During their Botanical Garden Lights season, towns like Kennebunkport or Bar Harbor, Maine, have even been nationally recognized on lists describing them as "the best Christmas towns in the U.S." I won't lie, I'm very impressed with both these towns' atmosphere's during the holidays, so much so that I wrote an article on how they came to be named the best in the nation.

I guess it's Dover, New Hampshire, that won the Christmas setting cake for Hallmark though. This year, a holiday rom-com called "Christmas Incorporated", is set to air December 24 at 2:00 am, according to the Hallmark Channel.

Firstly, I'm going to be passed out from too much eggnog at 2 a.m., but secondly, Dover, New Hampshire, gets the bragging rights of being the backdrop of a cheesy Hallmark movie? Seriously?

That should be Kennebunkport, HANDS DOWN. Nothing against Dover though. I've been there multiple times and it's pretty, but not like Kennebunk or Boothbay. I just feel like this was a missed opportunity if Hallmark was going to pick a setting from the northeast.

Hallmark movie says,

"Its set in Dover, New Hampshire, with the main character landing at “Dover Regional Airport” on an assignment to help close a toy factory."

On a different note, it's cool to see a town I've been to multiple times be the setting of one of the Christmas movies I'll be binging with the fam. We get bragging rights now, right?

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