I'm just going to put this right out there ahead of time. Depending on how you feel about the COVID-19 pandemic, mask-wearing, vaccinations, the CDC, Dr. Fauci, and Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Sha, you'll react differently to this. But that's okay. You're welcome to your opinions. Just be nice in the comments okay? Please?

Now, on with our story.

Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah has a terrific sense of humor that he has demonstrated on several occasions. Sometimes they're Dad jokes, other times they slip right under the radar. Sometimes they are on his Twitter account.

On Friday, as a storm was forming off the coast of the Carolinas preparing to make a beeline for the northeast with heavy amounts of snow, Dr. Nirav Shah made a series of tweets as if he was a non-believer in the science of meteorology, mentioning News Center Maine meteorologist Keith Carson, whose 12-20+ inches of snow forecast was all the talk on social media.

If you're a little confused about why he's tweeting like this about meteorologists, just swap the word "meteorologists" with "scientists."


And there you can replace "plowing" with "vaccinations." So you're starting to get the idea, right?

Or "How dare they limit make me wear a mask when conditions aren't safe?"

Now either you saw that as a tongue-in-cheek sort of thing or you don't find it amusing at all that he's mocking certain people. Again, have your own opinions, but the point here really is no matter what a meteorologist says about a predicted storm or a doctor says about a virus, there will always be people who don't believe them. People that disagree with science have always been there. We just didn't notice them as much before everyone had a microphone through social media.

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