If you didn't already love Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah, this may do it for you.

During Friday's press briefing, Dr. Shah started to speak on a personal note about how the coronavirus epidemic is affecting him and others. Several weeks ago during one of these reflections at the end of his briefing, he quoted lyrics from Coldplay. Today, he dropped a line from Prince and the Revolution's "Let's Go Crazy."

If you missed it, we've cued up the lyric here, thanks to News Center Maine's YouTube channel. See if you can spot it.

And now, here's the lyric here's quoting, also cued up for you.


You have to watch it again, because Dr. Shah totally deadpans it, dropping his own little Easter egg in his briefing! Amazing.

Right before he starts to take questions, he ends by saying "In this life, you're not on your own," another reference to Prince's opening of "Let's Go Crazy" where he says "In this life, you're on your own."

There could be more lyrics he snuck in there, but these are the two that made me instantly say out loud for my girlfriend to hear in the other room, "Hey! He just quoted Prince!"


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